About Us


We typically work with organisations that place a high value on the professional implementation of Lean and Agile principles.

Our approach is designed to assist all organisations transition from current processes toward Lean and Agile adoption with minimal disruption to the organisation as a whole. Our broad areas of expertise cover four primary areas of client involvement.

  1. Quick Turnaround Lean and Agile Diagnostic Assessments.
  2. Hands on Agile Coaching, Consulting and Implementation Services.
  3. Benefits Centric Management of Strategic Change.
  4. Training and Certification.

We have SAFe certified experts with extensive Agile experience to advise on Lean and Agile organisational transformations. We take a holistic approach to organisational change.

agile and lean methodologies

The Executive Team

Vanessa Martens

Vanessa Martens

Certified SAFe SPC
Change Lead
Agile Coach

Greg Banach

Certified SAFe SPC
Agile Coach
Product Owner Coach

Linda Steyn

Agile Coach
Change Manager


We have a team of experienced change and agile consultants

  • 6 Scaled Agile SPC Consultants
  • 5 expert Agile Coaches (lead an Agile transformation)
  • 24 Leading SAFe 4.0 certified consultants
  • 20 Scrum Masters & 40 Change Managers